The Rasin Collection – 6 Kokkeknive – 12C27 Sandvik-stål

With this knife set you will have all the knives used in the professional kitchen, you will receive a knife set that will never be the same as anyone else’s, as the pattern change is formed during production, you will receive a knife set there in high quality & easy to maintain , you will also receive a knife bag with space for all the knives and accessories

  • Rasin knife set contains 6 knives
  • The knife set contains all the knives used in the daily kitchen
  • 440CC Stainless Steel – hand forged according to the Damascus method
  • Savings of DKK 2,298 when buying this knife set
  • All knives are delivered in a knife bag
  • The knife set contains:
    • Urtekniv
    • Utility knife
    • Gyuto knife
    • Santoku knife
    • Cleaver knife
    • Bread knife

5.999,00 DKK

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The Rasin Collection – Forged according to the Damascus method


Santoku knife

The Santoku knife is the Japanese vegetable and herb knife. The curved end and the large wide knife blade make it the perfect knife when you e.g. must peel onions, arrange carrots and chop herbs. The Japanese describe it as one of the most important knives in the kitchen.



Our herb knife is the traditional Japanese type of kitchen knife that is used to fix all the little things in the kitchen, such as. peel onions, arrange carrots and peel potatoes. It is one of the knives you will use most in your kitchen.


Gyuto / Kokkekniven

Gyuto – also called the chef’s knife – is the Japanese answer to a universal knife for the kitchen. The Gyuto knife is good for vegetables, meat and fish. There are very few tasks you can not handle with this very versatile knife.


Made of 12C27 Sandvik-stål

Our products are very popular because they require less maintenance than other types of steel due to its stainless properties. With a 440CC steel kitchen knife, you do not have to worry about the product becoming dull or rusty.

Our products are forged according to the Damascus method, which means that the blade consists of many layers of steel that are forged together. It is a demanding technique that stems from ancient traditions. The method gives the knives a unique pattern in the steel, and you get some of the hardest and sharpest products.



The best way to keep a knife sharp is to use an iron regularly to remove any bumps. It is good practice to sharpen your knives once a week on a grindstone, and if you can not do it once a week, then at least once a month.

After use, wash the knife with warm water and wipe it with a clean cloth. Never wash your knife in the dishwasher. It can not stand it.



At SevenSpoons, we take pride in all our products. For you, this means that you can always return our products within 14 days if they do not live up to your needs and expectations. By contacting us at  KONTAKT@SEVENSPOONS.DK , you can make an agreement to return your item.

We guarantee that you can always get your money back if you are not 100% satisfied.

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